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Cemcro offers you efficient management, invoicing systems and point of sale software in Montréal. The purchase cost of a point of sale is calculated in terms of time saved, speed of sales in trade, efficiency of profits, purchases and inventories. Innovative and sophisticated, our solutions are applicable in many business areas.


Expand with advanced software built to secure and grow your business across channels. With one click and one platform, synchronize your physical inventory with your eCommerce store—saving you time and increasing your profits.

Retail businesses

Clothing shops

Footwear shops

Grocery and Convenience store

Repair Shop

Retail POS


Unlock a new revenue stream that never closes its doors. Manage inventory, shipping, marketing, and reports from one platform in a booming online marketplace.



Point of Sale

The Veloce POS offers all the features restaurant owners need to manage every aspect of their operations, no matter their size. Whether you run a fine dining restaurant with table service, a quick service restaurant, a bar or nightclub, a hotel or a complete event venue, Veloce has you covered.

  • Payment Processing: Process payments at your POS with PayFacto's EMV-certified payments integration or at the table with a QR code.

  • Table and room management: get the status of each table in real time. Control the floor plan and the movement of customers.

  • Staff management: track your labor costs in real time and plan schedules according to peak hours. Optimize your operations and profitability.

  • Inventory management: always have the ingredients required to cook the dishes on your menu. Simplify the ordering process and know the true cost of your recipes.

  • Loyalty cards and gift cards: Set up a personalized loyalty program for your customers and accept gift cards.

  • Reporting Center: Access your data through strategic and operational reports or create your own reports. Make smart decisions based on real data.

Point of sale

Integrated Card Payment

Speed ​​up service and accept payments from anywhere, anytime with our handheld terminal that integrates point-of-sale and payment.

Integrated Card Payment

Online Booking


PayFacto, a leader in integrated payment solutions and point-of-sale technology for restaurants, is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Libro.

Libro, a leader in online reservation management in North America, provides restaurants with an affordable, fully personalized solution to occupy tables, manage reservations, reduce no-shows, attract customers, and improve the overall customer experience.


Libro's online booking software is included in Veloce point of sale solutions. Thanks to this collaboration, the Libro system will be offered free of charge to eligible PayFacto customers for a period of three months and will be followed by a reduced monthly fee. PayFacto customers will have access to Libro's easy-to-use reservation system and will be able to reduce no-shows, fill more tables, retain customers, and improve the overall customer experience. Please ask us if you qualify.

Online Booking

Order Online


Adapt your business to the new market reality. Whether it's because of a lack of staff or because customers want to be able to order online without delay. The restoration is evolving rapidly!

Take the opportunity to increase your income, businesses report an increase of up to 24% in their sales when they add e-commerce to their platform.

iShopFood was designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, our system will take the weight off your shoulders.

Order Online

Integration of UBER, SKIP and DOORDASH orders

We have a module that will integrate your orders from all your delivery providers into your Point of Sale. No more multiple shelves on your counter, no more double data entry, the order goes directly to the kitchen and is finalized automatically at your checkout. You save time and money.

Online Integration of UBER, SKIP and DOORDASH orders

Ordering Kiosk


Well integrated into your point of sale, the order kiosk increases the efficiency of your employees and reduces human errors. Less expensive than an additional cash register and a combined employee. Here's another way to address the understaffing problem.


Decrease queues during peak hours and increase average bill with suggested sale.

Order Kiosk

Gift Card and Loyalty

Integrated into Veloce, joining the network of Freebees partners allows you to create your own electronic money in your image to reward and retain your customers or simply to sell gift cards in store or online. All types of merchants find their account there. Freebees are your ally to grow your business!


For more information on our management solutions, products and services, contact us!

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